Bir Tuğla da Sen Koy! (Lay a Brick!)

By donating $200 or equivalent in TL, you can lay a “Brick” for a better future.

“Lay a Brick!” is a unique project in Turkey and a donation campaign launched by the Tarsus American College Alumni Association and successfully ran since 2007. Tarsus American College Alumni, aware of the fact that quality contemporary education is a basic right for all, strive to be a beacon of hope for successful students with limited financial means with the help of this meaningful program. When the annual return of the donations reaches half of the tuition fee of one student, Tarsus American College scholarship fund matches the same amount while the principal amount remains unchanged. The “Lay a Brick!” has also inspired the “Leave a Trace!” and “Light a Torch!” campaigns.

For more information, please write to or call us at +90 216 531 57 38.

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